Content Writing Competition – Win an Internship!

We have very limited places for very talented writers!

We offer 1-month and 3-month internships – depending on your availability – and we offer a competitive stipend.

For successful candidates, work will be flexible, i.e. you can work remote and come in to the Pune WeWork office.

During the internship, you will work closely with some very smart cookies, and senior professionals based in Pune and Seattle. There’s lots to learn!

About the competition:
by submitting this application, you enter the Content Writing Competition. You will receive a confirmation email, containing the competition rules, and some guidance on what to expect.

In short:
– all participants will receive the same topic, at the same time
– in a few days, you will receive an EMAIL containing the topic, the rules of the competition, and how to submit your essay
– you will have a strictly limited amount of time to complete and submit your essay

Good luck, and thank you for your interest!

the folks