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Paving the Path to Productivity by Integrating Rammer with Conferencing Platforms

With changing times, businesses have become more dispersed. Conferencing platforms identified the need for remotely located individuals and offices in different locations to come together virtually. And so emerged the likes of BlueJeans, Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, AnyMeeting and others that enable seamless collaboration amongst people from geographically dispersed locations. They facilitated effective face-to-face conversations and helped save time and money related to logistics. But changing times call for serious measures. Conferencing platforms were just not enough.

A lot of valuable information generated during long conferences with multiple attendees started getting lost. An intelligent system was needed that could identify important information and highlight it without manual intervention. So, came Rammer.

By integrating its rich language understanding API and transcription API, Rammer redefines conferencing experiences for organizations. With a conversation comprehension system so intuitive, Rammer is helping meetings become more effective.

Here are 5 ways Rammer is transforming video conferences by integrating their revolutionary AI solutions:

Understanding Different Accents

Video conferencing brings together people from different geographical locations. While innovative ideas converge in a culturally rich meeting, it is difficult to comprehend different accents and dialects of people attending the meeting. Rammer’s Language Insight API shows real-time transcriptions of conversations during meetings, which is accurate for multiple accents and dialects of the English language. This means, even if an individual in the conference may find it hard to understand the accent of an individual from another country, Rammer will understand and transcribe it for everyone’s convenience. Isn’t that great!

No Loss of Important Information:
Only 2% of people can multitask successfully. For the rest of the people, they can either concentrate entirely on the meeting or manually taking notes. Manual note-taking is unreliable and time-consuming and leaves voids of missing information. The AI-powered technology of Rammer processes data and synthesizes meetings as per needs of the people. Templates of MoMs and follow-ups are filled with highlights unique to each meeting.

Keep Track of the Conversation:
4% of video conference attendees confess to multitasking during meetings. This leads to their lack of participation in the discussion; hence, they lose out on important agendas and information. 27% people even dislike reiterating information over and over again due to lack of concentration of other participants. Rammer presents the participants with real-time information based on the agenda of the meeting. Keeping track of discussions is made easier with relevant action plans synthesized without any interruptions.

Automated Post-Meeting Rituals:
MoMs need to be filled after every meeting. On an average, business assistants spend 4-5 hours per 1 hour-long meeting on transcription. Summarizing meetings manually again means sitting through hours of screen recordings for highlights, follow-ups and post-meeting actionable plans. With automatic live transcription through Rammer, at least one hour a day can be saved by automating low-value tasks, like creating to-do lists and scheduling meetings. Rammer can help conferencing platforms capitalize on existing calendar integrations by using the generated follow-up to automatically schedule the next meeting. Also, with simple integrations to email, conferencing platforms can go to the next step of emailing meeting summary to the participants automatically.

Boon for Physically Challenged People:
Video conferences have been an outright no for people suffering from hearing disabilities. But with live transcriptions of conversations during video conferences, Rammer opens up new arenas for physically disabled people to explore.

94% of businesses that adopted video conferencing claimed it led to increased productivity. The number of people who have adopted video conferencing as a platform for attending meetings has increased by 87% in 2018 as compared to 2016. They have proven extremely effective in saving time and money in booking conference rooms and logistics, which is probably why 50% of conference rooms are estimated to be video enabled by 2020.

Rammer takes the pros of video conferencing a step further. With Rammer integration solution for conferences platforms, attendees can fully concentrate on the meeting while the intelligent AI engine captures important decisions taken, defines actions, and ensures that the attendees follow up on them by the next meeting. Imagine how productive an organization can become with conferencing platforms powered by Rammer’s intuitive conversation comprehension system. The opportunities for growth are nearly endless.


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