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8 Ways Rammer Helps Make Recruitments Easy

Recruitments can be fun or a headache depending on how efficiently the HR department can manage the process independently. Sure there are instances of very smooth hirings done, but they get a lot more complicated when are a large volume of applications and candidates flood in for several job openings. Organizations have been trying to figure out ways to make recruitments easy for decades, but it has only got more complex with time.

Conducting personal interviews is getting one step closer to hiring a new employee. Yale School of Management Assistant Professor Jason Dana’s research has shown that most job interviews undercut the impact of valuable information even when interviewed by a panel of experienced HR executives. The challenges in conducting interviews, however, are more than one. The complexity increases manifolds especially when interviews are conducted online for remote job openings.

But it does not necessarily have to be this way. We are consistently working towards automating processes. And with several leaps in technology, we have managed to develop a scope that lets the entire HR department see things wide and clear. We call it Rammer.

Using language insights API, Rammer adds real-time intelligence to all online conversations and does more than you can imagine so you have a lot less to do.


How Rammer Helps Make Recruitments Easy for Organizations

  • Tracks Consistency and Eliminate Bias: Researches have shown that most interviewers are subject to cognitive bias while asking questions to candidates. This makes the whole process partial on both sides. The questions that followed up may be entirely unrelated to the job profile and a form of the interviewer’s imagination. 80% of candidates would choose a job where they feel personally connected. Rammer keeps track of consistency during the interviews as a way of making the interviews comparatively impartial. Highlights from the conversation and the candidate’s resumé are presented for a productive interview.
  • Monitors the Questions Asked: Interviewers may be influenced by certain traits of candidates that are unrelated to the job description. This may lead to asking questions based on their appearance, gender, culture or other irrelevant traits. Rammer keeps track of questions pertaining to job profiles. This way the interviewer only asks necessary questions from the candidate.
  • Records Data of Every Candidate: HR Executives have no records of previous candidates. This way a candidate re-interviewing may be asked the same questions as before. Rammer records credentials and substantial data related to every candidate that can be used for future references. Hence, the interviewers will have the required information at hand in case a candidate re-applies.
  • Don’t Lose Focus: Holding conversations with candidates as a way of conducting behavioral interviews can sometimes be misleading. As per Corporate Speaker and Advisor, Dr. John Sullivan, “interviewers act like they are junior psychologists and may make snap but inaccurate judgments about candidates.” Rammer highlights the information required from the candidate during the interview to not let the interviewer lose focus. Getting influenced and asking questions based on irrelevant traits is a waste of productive company time.
  • Makes Mundane Tasks Automatic: Fixating on taking notes of the interview makes interviewers incapable of concentrating on asking the necessary questions. Keeping up with the same pace as that of the interview can be a hard task while making notes manually. Rammer transcribes real-time conversations during the interviews. Based on these transcriptions, templates of notes are accordingly filled, recommended tasks are displayed and follow-ups are emailed automatically. Emails for prerequisites (like documents for verification) for follow up meetings are automatically sent to the selected candidates.
  • Compares Highlights of All Interviews: Conducting multiple interviews a day can make the first few conversations hazy. Interviewers’ final decision based on the sheer memory of the conversations might be unreliable and unjust to the best-suited candidate. Rammer offers conversation insights and summarizes all the interviews held for the vacant job profile. These summaries are then converted into individual highlights from every interview by assessing the interview answers of the candidates. These highlights are then used to compare the candidates for the best possible match, leaving no room for human error.
  • Live Transcription For Most English Dialects: Cultural diversity may hamper smooth conversations during interviews. 60% of the time, HR consider a culturally fit candidate for the company. The interviewee might have an accent that the interviewer may not be familiar with. The interviewer may not be fond of the candidate despite him being a close ideal for the vacant position. Rammer’s Language Insight API works with multiple dialects for transcribing live conversations making understanding different accents easier. Equipped with interpreting most English dialects, Rammer makes hiring culturally diverse candidates painless.
  • Generates Data for Score Cards and Automatically Assess Answers: On an average, 15% of total company time is wasted during meetings. That is billions of precious dollars wasted. More productive hours are wasted post interviews in sending follow up interview invitations to selected candidates. Listening to hours of recordings of interviews and assessing the answers to choose the best candidate is a near impossible task. Rammer makes this assessment effortless by generating data that can be used for creating scorecards and automatically emailing the results.

Mistakes in hiring unsuitable candidates cost companies up to $25.56 billion dollars a year. These simple mistakes have a number of factors and a few of them are incompetent manual labor.

Rammer offers conversation insights that makes an excellent online recruitment solution by automating banal tasks saving hours of productive company time and billions of dollars in revenue each year. Add to that higher chances of hiring the best candidate around and you have a win-win situation.


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