Meeting Intelligence without Voice Commands

Augment your users with actionable insights and automated workflows


Meeting Intelligence

Actionable Insights
Tasks from team meetings, follow-ups from business conversations, ideas from brainstorming sessions and questions or requests for information
Suggestive Outcomes
Recommendations on next meeting invites to be scheduled based on context of the conversation
Summary Keywords
Titles summarizing the main topics of the conversation.

Secure API Offering

API offering that integrates over text, voice or video channels securely.

Offers on-premise and private cloud deployments.

No recording of conversations by the platform.

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Automated Workflows

Integrates with calendar and email to augment the existing workflows Build custom integrations to surface information for the knowledge worker in their choice of worktool Provide a passive, embedded experience of intelligence to delight users with recommedations without any voice commands

Our Partners

Our Partners

How can we
help you leverage
Meeting Intelligence?

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Use in your meetings

Get your digital transformation teams integrate the API offering with your own suite of communication products and work tools. Alternatively, we also work with system integrators and consultants to empower the meeting experience in your organization.
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Add to your product

Integrate directly over voice and with a few lines of code, drive automated post meeting summary to user’s inbox. Integrate directly over text or transcripts and with a single API call, get the actionable intelligence and create an experience suitable for your users.
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Vertical Use Cases

Create vertical use cases with customized insights from conversations, your own choice of speech to text partner and integration to tools for outcomes.

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