The best designed Artificial Intelligence interfaces don’t feel like robots at all and that is exactly how we have designed Rammer. We don’t replace your agents instead we complement and enhance them. People will always value a human conversation more than a robot and we empower your agents to provide the best customer experience with no distractions or interruptions.

Rammer can sit through the whole customer conversation, enhancing an agent’s ability to focus on the conversation and let our artificial intelligence platform handle transcribing the complete communication along side adding key insights into the right work tools.

When calls are moved from one customer care agent to another having automated conversation transcripts and action points ensures the customer’s journey across different support calls is seamlessly managed .

  • Build trust and credibility: It’s important to get it right every time, especially with the small simple details. With Rammer Action Items, you’ll never let follow-up actions slip through the cracks again
  • Reduce frustration: Capturing key insights through the whole customer journey during support calls – about who specific users are, their preferences, and what they’ve already said and done are important. Helping you personalize interactions, reduce frictions and streamline the conversational flow.
  • Improve understanding: Missed what someone said or didn’t understand it due to a different accent, now with the real time transcription you can see exactly what was said.
  • Save time: With increased automation such as automatically updating customer interactions in contact centre with the issues, suggestions or next steps, agents can concentrate their time on talking to customers.
  • Build a knowledge base: Record rich contextual data from every interaction to improve your understanding of your users and the quality and effectiveness of future interaction, uses the results to automatically build a constantly updating knowledge base, to answer similar questions.
  • Faster employee training: Contact centres are often faced with high levels of attrition and need to be able to train new agents as quickly as possible to maintain customer care standards, with access to the knowledge of complete customer interactions it takes the pressure off new agents, they can adapt to conversations quickly and efficiently.

All these combined lead to Higher First Call Resolution and improved satisfaction for both employees and customers.

The growing number of online, self-service channels presents a unique challenge for contact centre operators. While voice remains the most prominent channel today, new platforms like live chat, social media and video chat will not only mean extra channels for the contact centre to manage, they also make the roles of advisors and managers more complex.

The future of the customer experience is a well-blended one. Customer experience is a key brand differentiator and contact centre leaders simply cannot risk being unprepared for this next era of service. We can help you achieve lower costs with improved customer experience and agent productivity. Together we can develop a strategy to harness the power of conversational intelligence to digitally transform and automate care services.

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