In an ideal world, meetings would boost productivity, enable team collaboration and enhance decision making. Instead over 67% of meetings are unproductive. As we are spending more, and more time in meetings every year, we are wasting even more time and money.

Today, users of conferencing platform;

  • Either take manual notes, where they miss out on important information, or use a virtual assistant that interrupts the flow.
  • With a dedicated note-taker – the notes are biased to their view of what’s important, actions items are not automatically implemented or followed up.
  • By the time the action items for all participants have been accumulated and followed up another meeting has already popped up!

We developed our Language Insights Platform to help your users spend less time taking notes and spend more time participating in the conversation and this will reduce the unproductivity of their meetings drastically!

We become partners on this journey of conversational intelligence helping you gain that competitive edge and providing your users the experience they want to accomplish their goals but in a more resource- and time-efficient manner!

Rammer runs behind the scenes, understanding and analyzing conversations to automatically identify actions or decisions without having to interrupt anyone during the call. These actions are then converted to suitable business outcomes with integrated worktools.

We can empower your platform to address some of the biggest issues your users face in meetings:

  • Improve Remote & Global collaboration: Enable real time transcription, that can help your customers understand different dialects & simplify global collaboration.
  • Transcription Accuracy: Choose the Speech to Text partner that works best for you and with our ready to plug in solution based on your customer segment without compromising on accuracy and cost.
  • Prevent loss of information: With our email integration that comes with our API, send post meeting summaries to all the participants, helping everyone stay on the same page with full transcription and therefore access to everything that happened.
  • Facilitates multitasking: For those individuals who join a couple of meetings simultaneously, they can keep track of what was said and relevant action points in real time with the ability to enable closed captioning and real time insights during meetings.
  • Saves time: Help you users save time not just during the meetings but also with the time spent performing post meeting rituals by integrating the insights to the relevant business tools – creating to-dos in tasks management systems like Trello, Asana or sending automatic calendar invites or adding next steps directly into Salesforce.
  • Personalization: Build your own use case – customizing insights that are relevant to your business, or work tool integrations that your customers use most or the Business Domains you target.

In a world where online conferencing has become fundamental to how many organizations conduct business across the globe, unproductive meetings have a huge impact on their revenue. We help you enable conversational intelligence along side your communication intelligence and together realise the full potential of online meetings!

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