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As an early-stage startup, we want to be known by the people who work at They define the culture of our company, and we are thrilled to have everyone together on this journey. 

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We want to create a lovable experience for our developers and end-users. To achieve this, we wear two hats and think holistically to be able to empower developers to build something that can create immense value for users

We operate as a family with a mix of people, ideas, and values and want to build this diversity in our organization early on. Innovation is a core part of our culture, and we want everyone to appreciate ideas and create room for experimentation and learnings. That is the only way
we will grow. 

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UI/UX Developer

Product Marketing Specialist

Software Backend Developer



Work in a fast-paced challenging environment

Grow faster and quicker with complete ownership

Create a direct Impact on how people work

Work on cutting-edge AI/ML applications for conversation analysis.

 We have seen the impact loss of information can have on businesses.  And so, we all are passionate to standardize conversational intelligence across several use cases to eliminate this problem. 

We are working towards a future where actual business outcomes are generated in real-time, and humans will surpass the inefficiencies and multi-fold productivity. 

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Helping you transform conversations into real time actionable outcomes for your business.

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