Delivering seamless and uninterrupted intelligent meeting experience

According to sources, an average employee spends nearly 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings. This is why we designed Rammer’s language insight platform — the preferred choice of communication platforms to add real time conversation intelligence simply by consuming APIs. 

Rammer is a technology-driven AI platform that automatically captures important insights, actionable items, and to-dos in online meetings while generating a richly-formatted meeting summary that actually makes sense. Almost every important detail gets delivered to user’s inbox and can be shared within the organization among the concerned teams.

We have designed Rammer to work with all business domains across sales teams, hiring managers, marketing managers, and business executives.

Rammer is so much more than an artificial intelligence. It means ‘success’ to organizations to which meetings and conversations really matter.

Our Vision

To prevent any loss of information in conversations and convert them automatically into business outcomes.

Our Misson

Helping businesses make the most out of their conversations and accomplish the last mile of digital transformation by facilitating intelligent decisions.

Our Values

Solve the pain of note taking in everyday conversations for our end users.

Make the Most Out of  Your Meetings with Rammer