Conversational Intelligence
as a Service

Enhance productivity for your communication workflows to increase transparency and enable meaningful, engaging conversations. is the most advanced contextual analysis platform for natural voice and text conversations to generate real-time actionable outcomes, knowledge, and insights from interactions – without a wake word or keyword.

Create your own AI-Powered Conversational Experience

We empower you with all the unique building blocks you need to add intelligence in your own conversational workflow.

We built our API platform that is easy to adopt and powerful to scale giving you complete flexibility to design your unique customer experience.

Real-Time Intelligence

We deliver real-time conversational intelligence to identify key insights, actionable outcomes even recommendations of important work tool operations that your users perform manually today. 

We help your users get more productive and efficient at handling
their conversations. 

Ready to Adopt

Our Voice interface lets you create post conversation summaries as a native workflow in your platform with just a few lines of code.

We also let you integrate with your transcripts or text communications over a single REST API. 

Fully Programmable

We enable complete customization of the solution – which includes speech to text engine, type of insights and action recommendations and also the user experience.

We provide several sample experiences to get started for a baseline. 

Getting Started

Define your Use Case

The type of communication you would want to augment your targeted persona in – Sales Calls, Customer Support, Team Meetings, Business Meetings, Emails, Messaging or more.

Choose the SDK / APIs

For voice interface, we can provide integrations over SIP, PSTN and Real-Time Websocket. For text integration, you can use our REST API to derive real-time insights from the conversation or transcription.

Build your own UI

We provide you a set of ready to use UI components that you can customize or plug and play with to create your own native experience.

Your Use Case + Your Product + Your UI

We want to provide you all the building blocks you need to embed a passive conversational intelligence in your product or workflow for your users.

End to End programmable platform built for you


We work with developers and innovators creating unique experiences for specific applications. 

Communication products

Product teams in communication or collaboration products creating competitive capabilities in their platforms


Digital transformation teams in enterprises that are seeking to optimize key workflows for knowledge workers or enhance the customer experience. 

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If you are trying to solve challenges around the loss of information or knowledge that your customers or employees are facing, drop us a line and let’s talk more.

We would love to find ways to make your existing workflows more intelligent and enhance productivity and customer experience.

Helping you transform conversations into real time actionable outcomes for your business.

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