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Action Items
Which indicates the intent to act upon something in the future.

Follow Ups
Action Items that needs to be followed upon after the call like setting up ameeting or a call etc.

Questions or Request for information like asking details or more information on existing topics of discussion.


Secure API Offering

API offering that integrates over text, voice or video channels securely.

Offers on-premise and private cloud deployments.

No recording of conversations by the platform.

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Connect Conversations to
business outcomes

Works with your calendar and email to push your To-Do list.

Easy to build custom integrations to other work tools.

Performs actions from natural conversations rather than commands to a machine or bot.

Our Partners

Our Partners

How can we
help you leverage

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Use in your meetings

With Rammer’s AI engine  running behind the scenes in all your meetings, you can focus all your attention on the conversations. With post meeting summary notes are sent straight to your inbox.

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Add to your product

Enable transcription and actionable conversation insights for your users. Make voice and video calls on your platform more effective than ever.

Our API offering can be plugged into your platform to deliver an intelligent meeting experience with real time actionable insights, transcription and a post meeting summary.

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Customized Solutions

Build custom uses cases on conversation insights suited for your business needs.

Rammer is your perfect tool for Team Collaboration, Business Meetings, Job Interviews, and Sales Calls.